The goal of research conducted by CLEAR is to evaluate psychological treatments and educational protocols that enhance the well-being of sexual minority individuals.

Academic research that has potential to inform future psychological applications is also conducted in conjunction with the LGBTQ Area of Emphasis at Palo Alto University.

The San Francisco Welcoming Schools Guide Pilot

The Sexual and Gender Identities Clinic
The Multicultural Suicide Research Center (MSRC) and Cultural Assessment of Risk for Suicide Clinic (CARS)
Transgender Research Consortium (TRC)
LGB Service Member Study
Sexual Minorities Stress Scale
Predictors of Psychological Health in Heterosexual, Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Middle-Aged and Older Adults
Trans Health Survey
Men’s Online Research on Psychological Health (MORPH)

Photographs on this page are of professional models with no affiliation to CLEAR or Palo Alto University.